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In November 2012, the DCMS and UK Sport published guidance on bidding and staging major sporting events in the UK. A Stage to Inspire sets out the landscape for delivering major sporting events in the UK based on the nation’s experience of delivering the successful London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Since A Stage to Inspire was published, the UK has continued to establish itself as a leading destination for hosting world class sporting events through the efforts of a wide range of partners and agencies. For this reason, DCMS and UK Sport have extended its event programme to include all major sporting events receiving financial or technical support at a UK-level from UK Sport or DCMS. This approach is set out in the Gold Framework which was launched in 2015 and updated in 2018.

In September 2017, the Mega Event Policy Framework was developed in partnership by the country's lead major event organisations, and will seek to ensure that the world’s biggest events continue to be regularly hosted in the UK. Objectives set out within the framework will help identify long-term mega event hosting targets across the UK, reduce the likelihood of bidding and delivery conflict and enhance collaboration and co-hosting opportunities in an increasingly devolved UK landscape.

Gold Framework

The Gold Framework sets out the landscape for major sporting events across the UK, and the roles of the key partners and stakeholders responsible for support and delivery. A short resume of each programme is provided below, but further details can be found in the framework document, including information on how the strategic priority of an event determines the support that UK Sport can consider.

Major Event Governance Guidance 

Effective leadership, robust governance and strong decision making have become pillars of the UK’s major event hosting proposition. Implementing structured and transparent practices, which take the best elements from corporate governance best practice, will help to enhance the UK’s major event staging credentials and lead to even higher quality events.  

The Major Event governance guidance has been developed to assist national governing bodies, cities and local authorities in establishing events with effective business structures and implementing appropriate governance best practice.  UK Sport are able to provide support and resources in this area, full details of which can be found within the guidance.

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