Transparency and Open Data

In line with the recent amendments to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 relating to how public authorities release information contained in ‘data sets’ and the re-use of those data sets below are data sets that will be routinely disclosed under UK Sport’s publication scheme.

Any data set we release or refer to on this page is available to re-use without charge under either Open Government Licence or Non-Commercial Government Licence. We will specify the licence which the data set is subject to. Visitors are requested to read the terms of the licence that applies to the data set before use.

Read the terms of the Open Government Licence

Read the terms of the Non-Commercial Government Licence

All Transparency Data – Open Government Licence [Please find below]

Grant Payments made in the last Five Years – Open Government Licence

Where a data set is marked as subject to the non-commercial licence and you wish to use it for commercial purposes please email us addressing the e mail FAO: The Commercial Team.

If you requesting information that falls within the definition of a data set under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which is not disclosed on this page and therefore not included in our publication scheme for routine disclosure then we reserve all our rights under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please submit your freedom of information request should be submitted to UK Sport.

UK Sport also disclose all senior salary information which is available for download >


Achieving greater transparency of public sector spend, procurement and contracting

Government has set out the need for greater transparency across its operations which includes commitments relating to public expenditure. As part of the transparency agenda, Government has made the following commitments with regard to procurement and contracting:

  • All new central government ICT contracts over the value of £10,000 to be published in full online from July 2010
  • All new central government tender documents for contracts over £10,000 to be published on a single website from September 2010, with this information to be made available to the public free of charge
  • New items of central government spending over £25,000 to published online from November 2010
  • All new central government contracts to be published in full from January 2011. 
  • In line with the transparency agenda we are pleased to set out the following information
  • More data will be added overtime.

Please note that in some circumstances we have made redactions to information in order to comply with existing law. 

Items of spend over £25,000

Details of supplier payments for individual invoices exceeding £25,000 are shown here. These details are updated monthly.


Transparency Data January 2020


Transparency Data December 2019

Transparency Data November 2019

Transparency Data October 2019

Transparency Data September 2019

Transparency Data August 2019

Transparency Data July 2019

Transparency Data June 2019

Transparency Data May 2019

Transparency Data April 2019

Transparency Data March 2019

Transparency Data February 2019

Transparency Data January 2019


Transparency Data December 2018

Transparency Data November 2018

Transparency Data October 2018

Transparency Data September 2018

Transparency Data August 2018

Transparency Data July 2018

Transparency Data June 2018

Transparency Data May 2018

Transparency Data April 2018

Transparency Data March 2018

Transparency Data February 2018

Transparency Data January 2018


Transparency Data December 2017

Transparency Data November 2017

Transparency Data October 2017

Transparency Data September 2017

Transparency Data August 2017

Transparency Data July 2017

Transparency Data June 2017

Transparency Data May 2017

Transparency Data April 2017

Transparency Data March 2017

Transparency Data February 2017 

Transparency Data January 2017


Transparency Data December 2016

Transparency Data November 2016

Transparency Data October 2016

Transparency Data September 2016

Transparency Data August 2016

Transparency Data July 2016

Transparency Data January 2016


Transparency Data December 2015

Transparency Data November 2015

Transparency Data October 2015

Transparency Data September 2015

Transparency Data August 2015

Transparency Data July 2015

Transparency Data June 2015

Transparency Data May 2015

Transparency Data April 2015

Transparency Data March 2015

Transparency Data February 2015

Transparency Data January 2015


Transparency Data December 2014

Transparency Data November 2014

Transparency Data October 2014

Transparency Data September 2014

Transparency Data August 2014




Transparency data April 2014

Transparency data March 2014

Transparency data February 2014

Transparency data January 2014


Transparency data December 2013

Transparency data November 2013

Transparency data October 2013

Transparency data September 2013

Transparency data August 2013

Transparency data July 2013

Transparency data June 2013

Transparency data May 2013

Transparency data April 2013

Transparency data March 2013

Transparency data February 2013

Transparency data January 2013


Transparency data December 2012

Transparency data November 2012

Transparency data October 2012

Transparency data September 2012

Transparency data August 2012

Transparency data July 2012

Transparency data June 2012

Transparency data May 2012

Transparency data April 2012

Transparency data March 2012

Transparency data February 2012

Transparency data January 2012


Transparency data December 2011

Transparency data November 2011

Transparency data October 2011

Transparency data September 2011

Transparency data August 2011

Transparency data July 2011

Transparency data June 2011

Transparency data May 2011

Transparency data April 2011

Transparency data March 2011

Transparency data February 2011

Transparency data January 2011


Transparency data December 2010

Transparency data November 2010

Transparency data October 2010

Transparency data April-Sept 2010

Contracts and Tender Documents over £10,000 

Details of contracts and tenders exceeding £10,000 will be made available on the Contracts and Tenders Finder website.

Further data from across Government can also be found the Government Data website.

Prompt Payment Data



Transparency Data December 2014

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