European Judo Championships 2015 Review

This review into the loss of the European Judo Championships, due to be held in April 2015 was commissioned by UK Sport with the support of the British Judo Association ("BJA"). The review was Chaired and the report was written by Mark Gay, Partner at Hamlins LLP.

The aim of this review was to establish the facts as to why the right to host this event was withdrawn and to understand whether any lessons could be learned. The full terms of reference are contained in the report which can be accessed by the link below.

UK Sport is extremely proud of its track record bidding for and hosting world class sports events in the UK so it was both disappointing and unusual that, having won the bid to host the 2015 European Judo Championships in Glasgow, this right was then subsequently withdrawn. UK Sport takes it role in protecting the investment of public funds into Olympic and Paralympic sport very seriously. We believe the commissioning and publishing of this report demonstrates our commitment to driving forward the importance of the highest standards of governance in British sport and to transparency over that process. It is in the interests of all our respective stakeholders.

The review has now concluded and the report made available publically. The report clearly shows that the BJA leadership made some serious errors of judgement in the handling of this event and we are disappointed that these contributed to the removal of the championships.

UK Sport confirms that all public money invested into the event has now been fully recovered and that all recommendations within the review will be seriously considered and are being acted upon. We are working with the BJA to implement the recommendations and strengthen their governance arrangements.

The report can be downloaded from this link

An addendum letter to the report can downloaded from this link

Since the finalisation of the report the BJA has conducted its own internal separate investigation in respect of any specific allegations arising from the report, and particularly the recommendation of taking disciplinary action. Specific points were raised during the BJA’s internal investigation which needed answering by the Mark Gay and an addendum letter was produced to his report. The addendum letter can can be accessed by the link above. As such matters are employment related it is inappropriate for UK Sport to comment further on them. 

In publishing this report and the addendum letter we have sought to balance the public interest in disclosure against private, confidential and commercial interests of those supporting or assisting in organising the event and those who participated in this review. Where we have redacted information it is to protect those private, confidential and commercial interests. We consider that it is in the public interest, given the investment of public funds, to know what caused the event to be withdrawn but we decided this purpose can be still achieved without disclosing peoples’ identity, confidential or commercial information or interests.

Also, if circumstances arose in the future requiring a similar review, investigation or inquiry, participants and contributors will be more likely to take part fully and frankly in the knowledge their identities, confidential or commercial contributions will not be disclosed in full. In addition, information that has been provided to BJA and UK Sport is primarily provided to be able to conduct its business and not for subsequent disclosure. If it was known that such information would be disclosed in the future then the providers would not give such information in the first place. This is in turn would undermine any public investment or support provided in such events and lead to inefficient ways of working.

Where we have decided to publish information it is intended, due to a number of factors including but not limited to the investment in the event, to protect future public investment in such events, ensuring that the same errors are not made again and to improve the governance of organising events and sports organisations generally.

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