High Performance System Advisory Group

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HPSAG: Who we are

The High Performance System Advisory Group (HPSAG) was formed in 2013. It brings together high performance sport leaders from:

  • Sport England, Sport Northern Ireland, Sport Scotland and Sport Wales (the Home Country Sports Councils and Institutes);
  • The English Institute of Sport; and
  • UK Sport.

HPSAG is focused on increasing alignment and collaboration across the UK High Performance System in areas of common interest and activity.

HPSAG: What we do

HPSAG creates impact through collaborative projects on key system-wide topics, such as investment, culture and coach development. HPSAG operates at the Performance Foundations stage of the athlete pathway, where the talent programmes funded by the Home Country Sports Councils and Institutes interface with the high performance programmes funded by UK Sport.


Through HPSAG, UK Sport and the Home Country Sports Councils and Institutes can be more effective and efficient in supporting sports and high performance athletes across the UK, ultimately leading to a stronger and more sustainable high performance system for the nation.

HPSAG: Why it matters; thoughts from our Members

“In our UK high performance system, the problems we face in one organisation are likely to be faced in another. By working together, we use the power of the collective to come up with better solutions to these shared challenges than we could do in isolation.” - Duncan Truswell, Strategic Lead, Talent & Performance, Sport England

“HPSAG is a great example of working collaboratively across the UK High Performance System on important areas of joint interest and benefit, whilst also being appreciative of the devolved nature of sport.” - Brian Davies, Director of Elite Performance, Sport Wales

“Thanks to HPSAG, the highly valuable knowledge sharing that takes place between UK Sport, the EIS and the HCSC/Is is more effective than ever, reflective of the commitment and desire of all to make the system better.” - Peter McCabe, Head of Performance Programmes, Sport Northern Ireland

“HPSAG ensures there is a consistency of approach across UK Sport, the EIS and the HCSC/Is, maximising our collective performance impact and aiding the drive for collective brilliance.’’ - Nigel Walker, National Director, The English Institute of Sport

“Since 2010, our world class High Performance System has successfully delivered consistent medals on the world stage. Exciting times are ahead for HPSAG as we plan for 2024 and beyond, with a renewed focus on enhancing world leading services and environments through greater alignment & connectivity, targeted initiatives and increased sustainability.” - Mike Whittingham, Director of High Performance & SIS, sportscoland Institute of Sport

“Alignment and a commitment to sharing learning and practice is a cornerstone of any effective and sustainable performance pathway.. HPSAG represents a unique opportunity for the strategic leads of the home nations to share, learn, and align, while at the same time celebrate difference and the uniqueness that comes with being Welsh, Scottish, English, Irish, and British.”  - John Alder, Head of Performance Pathways, UK Sport | English Institute of Sport

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