How we find the talent

Our talent recruitment and confirmation programmes are multi-phased. Campaigns start with a talent search, either with the general public or within the sport’s community. This involves athletes submitting an application form to UK Sport for consideration. After careful analysis, successful applicants are invited to the phase 1 testing events hosted in various locations around the country. 

Phase 1

The selection process begins with a range of generic physical and skill-based tests at various testing centres around the UK. Tests may include: sprints, jumps, aerobic fitness, and upper and lower body-strength tests. These tests will vary from campaign to campaign depending on the sport. The selection process also includes an in depth analysis of each athlete’s training and competition history.

Phase 2 - 3

Phases 2 and 3 are designed to further assess an athlete’s suitability for a sport and better equip them for the journey ahead. The athlete’s pathway from identification to world class performance is also outlined. Sessions may include: functional movement screening, medical screening, performance lifestyle workshops and psychology and behavioural assessments. 

Confirmation Phase

Selected athletes will embark on a 6 – 12 month confirmation phase during which they are immersed in the sport’s training environment. Athletes are exposed to a carefully constructed developmental experience and their rates of progression are tracked to further assess their suitability for the sport. Unsuccessful athletes are provided with opportunities to continue the sport through the club system.

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