Elite Programme

GB Boxing Performance Director, Rob McCracken

What is the aim of the Elite Programme?

The aim of the Elite Programme is to enhance and develop current world class coaches working within the British system, to enable them to become truly world leading coaches of the future.

Who is the Elite Programme targeted at?

The target audience for the Elite Programme is established coaches who has a proven track record of success working with high-performing athletes.

How will the Elite Programme work?

The Elite Programme will have a flexible structure, tailored to the individual needs of each coach, taking into account their commitments and responsibilities while being both proactive and reactive to the evolving environment that each coach operates within.

The Cohort curriculum has been designed to support a highly individualised development programme for each cohort, whilst the cohort experience will encourage cross sport learning. This part of the programme will be delivered via residentials throughout the year.

Attendance at these events will encourage this exclusive group of coaches to network with each other as well as world class experts from outside sport. This should not be underestimated as some of the most powerful learning can be gained via the experience of working with our peers.

The content of the Elite Programme is interchangeable across the three years depending on the development needs of the coaches. The second and third years of the Programme encourages even more individualised approach.

The objectives of the Elite Programme are:

  • Understand the environment of the high performance coach in order to inform appropriate development.
  • Champion the development of the emerging profession of the high performance coach.
  • Inform and align the entire coaching pathway to support the progression of a coach’s career.

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