Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme

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What is the aim of the programme?

ECAP aims to work closely with sports to accelerate the development of emerging coaches already working in the high performance system, enabling them to not only have an enhanced impact in the short term, but also to become the elite coaches of the future.

Who is the programme targeted at?

The programme is targeted at emerging coaches that have limited coaching experience within a World Class Programme or limited exposure to operating within a high performance environment.

How will ECAP work?

The programme will benefit from a partnership approach between the sports and UK Sport and will be a two-year accelerated development opportunity providing the coaches with the skills, knowledge and experiences to deliver results consistently within high performance sport.

ECAP will follow a traditional apprenticeship model, in that an Apprentice Coach learns from an existing Master Coach (or coaches) within the sport, with on-going support from a Mentor. The success of the programme is largely determined by the effectiveness of these important relationships. The programme will combine ‘on the job’ training, with the Apprentice working alongside the Master Coach within the sport, complemented by a structured workshop programme.

The key aims of the programme are to:

  • Develop the technical coaching skills via ‘on the job’ training and close observation of the Master Coach
  • Create an individualised development plan via a robust Performance Profiling Tool to suit the specific needs of the Apprentice Coach and their sport
  • Develop and educate coaches regarding how best to appreciate and integrate relevant sport science and medicine
  • Develop non-technical coaching skills
  • Work with a Mentor to facilitate targeted individual development and reflective practice

Funding Partners
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