Strategic Aims and Principles

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UK Sport’s strategic governance aims are:

  • Governance: To develop and high impact and innovative projects that challenge, support and drive change in funded partners in the areas of Leadership, Corporate Governance and Standards
  • Leadership: To build the capacity, qualities and behaviours of Boards, Chairs and CEOs to create the very best led and governed NGBs within British sports
  • Corporate Governance: To ensure all funded bodies develop, improve and drive change as a result of operating to a robust governance, compliance and decision making process
  • Standards: To champion best practice and drive the continuous improvement of standards within funded partners including equality and diversity, safeguarding, conduct and doping-free sport

To achieve these aims UK Sport has made the following a requirement for all sports in receipt of elite funding:

  • To have strategic plans
  • To conduct skills audits and board evaluations for board members
  • To have at least 25% independent members on their boards 
  • For board recruitment to be skills based, open and transparent with no one grouping being dominant on the board
  • Board members to have fixed terms of service
  • Aspire to 25% female board members by 2017

In assisting sports with meeting these conditions UK Sport requires sports to subject themselves to a number of assessments including:

  • 12 point self-assessment made up of 62 individual criteria
  • On-site independent audit
  • Governance assessment during the Annual Investment Review process which determines if each sport in on track to succeed at Rio 2016
  • Funding triggers to provide a firm deadline to meet minimum expectations

UK Sport’s Governance regime is an important part of the system which has seen Team GB and Paralympics GB win a record number of medals at London 2012, and a range of ground-breaking performances at Sochi 2014.

Looking forward to Rio 2016, UK Sport has targeted being the first host nation in the modern era to win more medals after a home games, 66 Olympic medals and 121 Paralympic medals. A strong governance structure at each funded sport will ensure that GB athletes have the best possible chance of achieving this target in a little over 18 months time.

UK Sport has three governance principles:

  • We will only invest in sports which demonstrate the required standards of leadership, governance, financial management and administration
  • We will scrutinise the governance and leadership of all sports in which we invest to ensure that organisations are run professionally an efficiently, with a commitment to achieving the highest standard of corporate governance and financial management which systemic excellence at all levels
  • Sports must be able to evidence that equality; safeguarding and ethical standards are visibly integrated into their structures and operations

These principles are embedded in our funding agreements with sports so that if standards are not met on a consistent basis then elite funding can be withheld on a temporary basis or withdrawn altogether.

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